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Youth Debate Open 2013

Debate Association (Singapore) is proud to be organising the Youth Debate Open 2013 in collaboration with the Jelutung Youth Executive Committee and the Singapore National Co-Operative Federation (SNCF)

Some key information:
Dates: 22 and 23 June
Theme: Co-Operatives
Registration Fee: $50/team
Team Cap: 26
Motion Release Date: 1 June

If you'd like a copy of the Tournament Handbook which includes important information on team eligibility, an info-kit on Co-Operatives, as well as the tentative schedule, do drop us an email at

We will inform all teams via email and on Facebook of the venue at a later date. Registration can be made at

If there are any enquiries, you can email our Director (Competitions), Cherylyn Wee at or find us on Facebook at


Raffles Debaters Primary School Debate Invitational 2013

This year, the Raffles Debaters will once again be hosting the Raffles Debaters Primary School Debate Invitational, a tournament which aims to build a positive culture of debating excellence within the local junior community through healthy competition.

The deadline for primary schools to register has been extended from 30 March to 30 April 2013 in order to allow a greater variety and number of participants to join us in the exciting experience.


Tournament details:

Raffles Debaters Primary School Debate Invitational 2013

Date: 7 (Saturday) and 13 September (Friday) 2013
Venue: Raffles Institution (Year 1 - 4 campus), Bishan
Tournament structure: 3 Preliminary Rounds, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Grand-Finals
Debate format: Modified WSDC style; 4 minutes substantive speeches, 2 minute separate reply. POIs between 00:30 - 03:30

The tournament is open to all primary schools. Each school may send a team of 4 to 5 students of any age.

In order to participate, schools should complete and email the registration form (attached below) to by 30th April 2013.


RD IP Invitation letter

Tournament Schedule



Wits & Words Preliminary Rounds 1 & 2

Preliminary Rounds 1 & 2 of Wits & Words 2013 was held at Raffles Girl's School on 22 March 2013.

This year, 61 debate teams from primary schools all across the island debated the following motions:

This house will scrap the compulsory CCA system
This house believes that E-learning is the way to go


A big thank you to all the adjudicators and volunteers who tirelessly helped out for the entire day!

Here are some pictures from the rounds:

[gallery ids="2188,2189,2190,2191,2192,2193"]

Preliminary Round 3 will be held on 6 April 2013 at RGS. Do drop an email to if you would be free to adjudicate the round.


Wits & Words 2013

This year, we have 60 primary schools facing off, vying to be champions of Wits & Words 2013! They will meet at the first two preliminary rounds which will be held on 22 March 2013 at Raffles Girls


Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships Results for Preliminary Round 2

Preliminary Round 2 of the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships (SSSDC) was held last Friday, 8 March, at St. Andrew's Secondary School.


Teams debated the following motions:

THW prevent the media from reporting on the private lives of politicians

THBT governments should pay house wives and house husbands for their work

THBT university students should be required to work in their country of origin for a number of years after graduation


Here are the winning teams and best speakers for all three divisions:

Preliminary Round 2


The Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships (SSSDC) is a national secondary school debate competition, co-organised by Debate Association (Singapore) and Julia Gabriel Center.

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